How to Buy Great Bedding Plants

How to Buy Great Bedding Plants
08 Jun

Hooray – It’s Spring and Time to Plant!

A few solid tips will help you bring home the best quality, most-likely-to-succeed bedding plants for your garden:

Even color in the leaves. The plant displays an even coloring (a “sameness” of color) on all the leaves and the leaves look healthy. They are not wilted or sticky and their edges are not a different color.

Lots of buds. The plant holds promise of beauty because it is covered with flower buds, making it a better choice than one that’s already in bloom.

Shorter stems and healthy roots. It’s a happy, healthy plant with stocky stems and full of leaves. Taller stems with only a few leaves are beanpoles, and they’re “older” or have resided in their container for much too long. Another clue to the plant’s being overage is a jumble of roots and very little soil.

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