Christmas Greenery has arrived!

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Heirloom Pumpkins and a new shipment of Mums and Pansies have arrived at Sanders Nursery Broken Arrow! It’s beginning to look more like Fall everyday around here! Huge Garden Mums – only $8.00 each!!


We’re excited about Fall – Come in and see us
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New shipment of Limelight and Quick Fire Hydrangeas have just arrived.
Drop in to see them and pick up some of these beautiful
plants to liven up your landscape today!

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  • Crepe Myrtle 3
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  • Crepe Myrtle 7



* * Crepe Myrtle Blowout! * * WE SOLD OUT LAST WEEKEND
Select Crepe Myrtles starting at $10.00!  Limited quantities and they won’t last!
And many more Special Sales going now at Sanders Nursery Broken Arrow

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  • crepe myrtles purple
  • crepe myrtles light purple
  • crepe myrtles white

New shipment of daylilies!!
Amazing perennial color!! Which is your favorite??

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A fresh shipment of fragrant Oriental lilies and gorgeous
blooming garden phlox are just a few of the latest
special arrivals as we are gearing up for the Memorial
Holiday weekend!



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FRESH STRAWBERRIES from Stilwell, OK are being picked
now and will be For Sale at Sanders Nursery
Broken Arrow Friday afternoon!!
Just another “sweet” Easter Weekend special at Sanders Nursery.
(Starting this Friday, April 14th – while supplies last)

Look what was just unloaded… Hydrangeas in Full Bloom are here at
Sanders Nursery Broken Arrow and they are BEAUTIFUL!
Come see all of these amazing spring colors in person today!



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  • Forsythia
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Flowering trees are in stock and going fast! Among them are Cherry, Magnolia, Redbud, Crabapple, & Dogwood – all in many varieties and sizes.
Come to Sanders Nursery Broken Arrow and pick out your favorite today!

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Okame Cherry Trees are in 02/23/17

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OKAME CHERRY TREES have just arrived and are covered in
buds and early blooms. Come in soon to get one or several for
your garden or landscape!

Ferns and Hanging Plants –  just in 02/22/17

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Strawberries are here!!    Three varieties…  Sequoia, Eclair and the
everbearing strawberry ‘Fort Laramie’ are here!  GMO Free!!

Blooming Anemone – Just a sample of the newest arrivals
of Spring color coming into Sanders Nursery Broken Arrow!
Truck loads of plants arriving now daily.

Spring is just around the corner and Sanders Nursery
is getting ready NOW! Come see our fresh arrivals coming in DAILY!

DOGWOOD trees have arrived! Our team is unloading
them now so hurry in for the best selection in all of Green Country!