When should you prune spring flowering shrubs and trees such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and lilac?pruning-499257_960_720
Since these plants bloom on previous year’s wood, they should be pruned after they bloom or else you will sacrifice flower buds. Pruning should be done within six weeks after blooming. This is also a good time to feed them. We recommend a plant food with a high phosphorous formula that will promote flowering.

When should you prune summer flowering shrubs and trees such as spirea, butterfly bush, and crape myrtle?
These plants should be pruned in the early spring before the new growth begins to emerge. Glowing Embers, Oakleaf, and Climbing Hydrangeas are an exception to this rule. They are late spring or summer flowering, but they bloom from the previous years growth. So, they should be pruned only if necessary and after flowering.

When do you prune roses in Oklahoma?
Major pruning of roses should be done in late February through mid-March. Cut the roses back to about 1/2 the plants height. Other light pruning can be done at other times of the year as needed, such as during the fall to remove long branches that might break off under the weight of winter snows.

When should you cut back ornamental grasses?
All grass should be pruned in March. They need to be cut back each year because they put out new foliage from the ground to replace last year’s growth, and this keeps the grass looking healthy. Young grasses need to be pruned about 40-50% and older (larger) grasses can be pruned near 80%. While pruning, make sure to shape or round the larger grasses, instead of cutting them straight across. The straight cut may cause the center to dye out.

When is the best time to fertilize trees & shrubs?
Best time is early spring and again in the fall. Use a plant food that contains slow release nitrogen so that the plants can be feed for 3-6 months.