watering-791312_960_720Should the wire basket be removed from a Balled & Burlap (B&B) tree?
Different groups will give different answers. Small trees or shrubs, like Burning Bush or Japanese Maples, should be removed. But you need to handle with care and make sure the soil around the root system is breaking apart. Large evergreens or shade trees with machine wire baskets (24″-44″ wide) should not be removed. The basket will break down over time and the roots should grow directly through what is remaining.

Should trees and shrubs be watered after planted?
Yes. All trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals should be watered thoroughly after they are planted, and as needed to keep them healthy. Monitor the plants by checking the moisture level of smaller plants every 2-3 days and larger trees every 3-4 days to know how dry or wet they are to know when it is time to water again. Heat, the wind, soil temp, and even extreme cold will play a major factor on the number of times you water as well.

How often do I water container plants?
Most containers have a limited about of soil and therefore will allow a limited amount of moisture for the roots to tap into. So you will need to water more often than plants growing in the ground. Monitor your containers daily and water as needed. During our hot summer months, you may need to water every day. To help reduce water loss, mix in a water-grabbing polymer such as Soil Moist.

Where can I get tips for watering and taking care of my lawn?
Our Resources – How-to Articles library offers a wealth of information and do-it-yourself advice. Don’t miss this important section!

How much water should I give my flowers?
Watering varies from plant to plant, so it’s best to follow the directions on the printed label. Don’t forget to visit our Resources – How-to Articles library for watering tips, too. We’ve got a great article on Hot Summer Watering you may find helpful.