How can I control the weeds in my lawn?
Apply a pre-emergent before weeds germinate, or if the weeds are already visible, spray or spread them with a special product intended to kill weeds while nurturing the grass. Sanders Nursery carries a full line of all these products including tree spike fertilizers, mulch, soil, pre and post emergents, fertilizers and more.

What causes winter die out on a plant?
Generally, many factors contribute to what is commonly known as winterkill. To keep plants healthy avoid late summer fertilization and pruning. Supply plants with adequate moisture, and mulch to keep moisture and temperature levels even.

Insect Control
What product is best to treat my trees for Bores?
Bayer Advanced – Tree & Shrub Protect and Feed. The product provides fast acting and 12 months long lasting systemic protection against damaging insects like Adelgids, Aphids, Borers, Caterpillars, Jap Beetles, Leafminers, Scale, and Whiteflies.

What do Lace Bugs do to azaleas? And how do I treat the plants?
The leaves will turn a pale color, almost white. On the bottom of the leaves may be brown spots. These can be sprayed three times with insecticidal soap at weekly intervals beginning in mid-spring when they become active.

Is there a safe way to kill aphids in the garden?
Hosing them off your plants is a good first step. Insecticidal Soap is registered for use against aphids in vegetable gardens. Repeat applications are often required so be sure to read and apply according to label directions. {slider=Is there a good spray for fruit trees for fungus and insect control?} Yes. Bonide – Fruit & Nut Orchard Spray. A hose-end ready to use spray that is easy to use and takes care of almost everything.

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